Asus WiFi Extender Setup

Asus WiFi extender is the best device if you want the internet range to follow your footsteps throughout your home. You simply need to connect the extender to your home router to complete Asus WiFi extender setup process and enjoy streaming videos/ movies, and more from any corner of your house.

So, stick to this page and know how to perform Asus extender setup process like a pro. Because without setting up the extender- you won’t be able to get and enjoy extended WiFi range. Rather, you may face no internet issue.

Asus WiFi Extender Setup | WPS Method

Asus extender setup instructions using WPS method:

  • Turn on your Asus WiFi extender. Plug it in to a working electrical outlet.
  • Wait for the power LED on the extender to turn green.
  • Place the Asus extender closer to your host router.
  • Press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Count to 10.
  • Now, press the WPS button on your host router.
asus extender setup wps method

Kudos! The Asus WiFi extender setup process is completed successfully using the WPS method.

Now, if you want – unplug the Asus WiFi extender and move it to the location of your choice. Thereafter, connect your wired and wireless devices to the extended WiFi network.

Asus WiFi Extender Setup | Manual Method

The instructions that will guide you through entire Asus extender setup process are given below:

You are Almost Done!

And, there you are! Asus login page displays. Follow the Asus WiFi extender setup instructions provided on-screen. And, once you are done with following and applying them in the exact given order, you can drag your Asus WiFi extender anywhere in your home where the need of internet the most.

Can’t Perform Asus WiFi Extender Setup?

If you are having issues completing the Asus extender setup process, then you must apply the troubleshooting hacks highlighted below:

Still No Luck?

In case the above-mentioned hacks failed to help you, then you must try rebooting the entire system. It is because of technical glitches that you are having issues performing Asus WiFi extender setup process.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions and know how to restart or reboot your system:

Update the software of your client device prior to rebooting it. And, if the device’s software is already up-to-date, then look if the web browser’s version needs an update or not. If yes, kindly update the web browser and clear the browsing history as well.

Try performing Asus WiFi extender setup process again. We really hope that the instructions we have provided on this particular page will help you complete the Asus WiFi extender setup process with ease.

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