IP address serves the same purpose as any other IP which is known to access the admin panel of various wireless range extenders. To be specific, you can use this IP address to access the web user interface of WAVLINK Extender, PALEOER Extender, LOOM WiFi Extender etc. Thus, in case you are the owner of any of these extenders, you now are aware of the IP needs that to be used for the login process.

How to Access WiFi Extender via

Prior to learning how to access the WiFi extender login page, ensure that you computer or laptop is linked to its network, with an Ethernet cable.

  • Start the process with the basic step of opening a new tab on your browser.
  • Move the mouse cursor and take it to the address bar.
  • Double click on the bar and wait for the cursor to blink rapidly.
  • This is an indication that you need to make the required entrée.
  • Given this, enter in the address bar.
  • Press the ENTER key and wait for the login window to appear.
  • You will get prompted to fill in the password and username.
  • Enter the required details and lead yourself to the extender setup page.
Access WiFi Extender via

Even after reading this section, did you fail to complete the login process using the IP? No problem. Learn how to fix it with the aid of the fixes given in the section after the next one.

Can’t Access IP Address? Why?

There could be more than one reason that prevent users from accessing Some of them have been highlighted here:

  • The IP is entered is like 192.168.IO.I or with spaces like 192 168 10 1.
  • An outdated or cache-accumulated internet browser is in use.
  • IP has been entered in the search field instead of the address bar.
  • Your client device keeps losing connection from the extender.
  • You are using a virus-infected client device to access the IP address.
Can’t Access IP Address

How to Access Extender IP Hassle-Free?

Access Extender IP Hassle-Free

We are anticipating that with the aid of these solutions, you can access with ease. Now, comes the time for you to learn how to tweak the settings of the device.

We understand that not every setting can be changed for extender of every brand. But, there are a few settings that can be tweaked for all devices. Some examples include:

Create a New Admin Password via

Tweaking the admin login password of the wireless extender ensures that it stays secured from unauthorized users. Here is how you change it:

You should know that the next time you try to log in to your wireless range extender; you will have to use the updated admin login password.

Hide Network Name [SSID] via IP Address

What is the first thing that acts as the primary step for users to identify your network and access it? Well, it is the network name. Thus, you need to hide it with these instructions:

Now, no unauthorized user, including a disliked neighbor, will be able to locate the network name or SSID of your wireless range extender and access your WiFi without your consent.

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